The Closet Gamer

Matt (dare I put his real surname or he may kill me) aka “The Closet Gamer” approached us to brand his classified online persona which he described as “a secretive games enthusiast with a real agenda”. He wanted to convey the twilight zone of gaming; mysterious, surreal but also fun “in places” (his exact words). We quickly took to this challenge and created not only a cool brand but an amazing animated logo to grace the front of his various gaming videos.

The frames on the exterior of the closet were to determine which game he would be trying to beat in any given YouTube game-fest (“Vs.”) and which achievement he was trying to gain (“Now Chasing”). I am told the Closet Gamer will be blowing up YouTube soon (but keep that under your hats).


Animation, Design

client name

The Closet Gamer