Benjamin Badgersworth

This was a sculpture created by Ross CastleMay commissioned by an independent animation studio to showcase their primary character “Benjamin Badgersworth” at a public event. The character was assembled by magi-sculpt 2 part epoxy clay with a wooden/foam skeleton underneath. The video contained in this post shows the key steps leading up to the sculptures completion. The video is sped up in time lapse over 7 days.

The sculpture design itself was based on a CGI representation of the same character. The model was created to the height of an A4 sheet of paper and is relatively light due to the foam centre. David “Stitch” Vandepeer shot and edited the footage and was a co-creator of Polydoodle Pictures animated short “& Son” featuring the Benjamin Badgersworth character. Special thanks goes out to for providing excellent royalty free classical music.



client name

Polydoodle Pictures