Lunartics Logo

We were commissioned by popular games artist “Danny Flinn” (Crash Bandicoot) to create an animated logo for his new Lunartics project. The brief was originally for a computer generated animation but he preferred the graphical logo (above). The core assets (moon shape, interior, aliens and logo text) were provided by Danny Flinn. The exterior moon, flame effects and explosive debris (motion graphics) were created by Free Fall Interactive. Apologies for the quality the video it was not created to 720p.

The entire project itself was created using After Effects. Some live stock flame effects were added from the 720p “Action Essentials 2” digital package which is brought to you by video co-pilot. We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that we have no intellectual property rights in regard to this concept. The sound effects were provided by



client name

Lunartics Ltd.