Kent College Animation

We were sub-contracted by Cohere IT to create a 2D animation for the Kent College Junior school. We were shown a brief which set some basic requirements for the animation with the theme of “growth” at its core. A tree became the natural choice during further discussions. The colour themes were lifted from the schools website which was a part of their set branding. All graphical elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator including an additional 2D animated elements (the opening flower).

The core animation was coded using “Wiggle” expression within the Adobe After Effects package. The tree was broken into many segments with subtle random wiggle motion on each individual tree element. The leaves had quicker wiggle as opposed to a branches due to the size of the individual assets to maximise realism. We then sourced the sound and voice talent on the clients behalf and produced the final output.


Animation, Coding

client name

Kent College