Bob the Dwarf

After spending hours researching how other animated television series cut down on production costs by developing basic character designs – we took our punt! “Bob the Dwarf” is one of our ever-growing library of pet projects here at Free Fall featuring aloof outcast “Bob” aka “Steelhammer the Fifth” who has chosen to get a job in a local paper mill rather than live out his family legacy. Now in exile from his former fans Bob finds safety with his best mate “Pete” a normal guy who lives in the real world who gets Bob a job at the local paper mill. Unbeknownst to Bob the mill is run by former arch-villain-turned-boss “Hugo White” aka “Hugo Wavering the Destroyer” who does his best to undermine Bob at every opportunity.

Bob and his boss Hugo White are comprised almost entirely of blocks of colour. The key ultimately comes down to animation principle number 12 (“hello… old friend”) – “appeal”. Their form makes them endearing and the lack of outline situates them well for simplistic environments with minimal detail. This would easily speed up production time (*self-high five).



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Free Fall Interactive