We offer a helping hand to customers with a digital desire

At Free Fall have a very diverse skillset which allows us to undertake all kinds of projects. Have a wordpress site that needs updating? Get in touch. Got a motion graphic project in mind? Get in touch. Want a 3D model or Character design made? Get in touch. We aim to please so just tell us what you need!

Free Fall Interactive Ltd

Free Fall Interactive Ltd

Digital Media Company


Free Fall Interactive (originally Free Fall Entertainment) came to fruition initially as a college study group, a small entity to exchange useful advice. It then manifested into a company dedicated to games concepts. In early 2011 the company was reborn although left dormant to protect Intellectual property (IP). The company’s status changed in Sept 2015 to pursue freelance projects.

The Free Fall Interactive Ltd. Company is co-owned by the Tech-savvy David “Stitch” Vandepeer and Creative-connoisseur Ross Castle-May the two originators of the college study group. While freelance projects are the company’s primary focus its originators still create and maintain an in-house library of IP.

David ``Stitch`` Vandepeer

David ``Stitch`` Vandepeer

Technical Director


My background was first in IT support managing data and building custom RIS machines, this made me proficient in the Windows OS and its related software. To fill the down hours I studied web design on the side with HBR Interactive which made me proficient in graphic design. Visual art has always stimulated me but I wanted more.

So I went to college where I studied my passion: Games Design. After graduating I took a year out to mix with various money men and likeminded indie gaming amateurs before undertaking my degree. I graduated in 2014 with a first class honours in CG Arts & Animation. Ever since I have loved character design/animation and any job that lets me practice my creative education.

Ross David Castle-May

Ross David Castle-May

Creative Director


Ever since I can remember all I have wanted to do was draw. Many of my first doodles and drawings were done during my math’s lesson in the back of my text book. The art lessons were never long enough. After getting my A-level in art I found a passion for ceramics which got me some of my first commissions producing antique restoration projects for Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

In 2008 I went to college to study Games Design which is when I was first introduced to the digital art medium. Stitch and myself bonded over our passion for games and our individual character designs. We built Free Fall in celebration of our creative and technical collaboration, to this day we still learn a lot from each other.

The Programs we use
Autodesk Maya 2016
Adobe After Effects
Filezilla FTP
Adobe Premiere Pro
Pixologic ZBrush
Adobe Animate CC
Nevercenter Silo
Adobe Photoshop
Medibang Paint
Headus UV Layout
Microsoft Office